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Michelle Delloso has spent most of her career (post competition) in the sports marketing industry and has created many “aspiration” programs that directly impact girls and young women. 

She has also been a keynote speaker and brand ambassador for brands such as Nike®, Louisville Slugger®, and adidas®.

Michelle’s mission is to inspire, motivate, and build confidence in girls and women by encouraging and promoting participation in sports and outdoor activities. This is her story…

“Early on in my career, I learned how to field bad hops, as well as acquired the skills to hit the curve ball. In the scenario of sport, it is truly mastering the art of repetition. I spent countless hours throwing a ball against the wall, learning how to turn my glove every possible way, and having coaches and friends hit me as many ground balls as I could take. I felt that if I could take on every kind of ball hit at me, I would be able to field all of the bad hops. Metaphorically, life’s bad hops are not so easy to field.” excerpt from Michelle Delloso’s book “Brand-Loyal”

“We only get one chance at our life, and the key is to make it count. Knowing how to honor one’s calling is a gift, and it starts with following the heart tugs. Take on that which tugs at your heart and use that inner voice as a compass and a mantra. You can become anything your heart desires and don’t be surprised if you start to see the signs along the way of what is your divine destiny.” excerpt from Michelle Delloso’s book “Brand-Loyal”

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“Finished your book in one sitting! So inspirational! Your message needs to spread world wide! We need to be taught early on to believe in ourselves, follow our dreams and to REALLY listen to our inner voice. God does have a plan for each of us and He will continually guide you if you place your trust in Him. I wish I would have listened to my inner voice much earlier on in my life. I focused on the negative things people said and didn’t believe in myself. I chose a different path from what I felt my true calling was. When I finally asked for God’s help, my life changed in ways I never expected. I became a wife and mother. I am teaching again, the path I strayed from. I am taking classes to get my certification back. I never thought at 46 I would find myself trying to renew my career in education!!! I am finally confident and realize that God gave me a very special gift! Better late than never! I hope this book inspires all who read it to follow their dreams and calling! I am grateful that I can share your story with my son and daughter. Dreams do come true with hard work, determination and believing in yourself!” Beth S. 

“I wasn’t looking for inspiration when I cracked open Brand Loyal by Michelle Delloso, but after sitting down to read the tome in just one sitting, I felt as if I could go out and move mountains or a really big hill if you live in The Carolinas. The protagonist of her own life story seems to struggle against the most antagonistic forces that life could hurl at a person, and yet she comes away victorious through her spirituality and positive mind set. Her ability to truly lock in on her aspirations with relentless focus is awe invoking for sure. I would love for every little girl who dreams big to read this autobiographical work and see how the trails have been blazed and the groundwork has been laid for our first female editor-in-chief of Sports Illustrated (which happens to be my childhood dream).” Charity B.

“What I remember most about Michelle from back in our school days was that she ALWAYS had a smile on her face and never had a mean word for anyone or anything. So no surprises in there for me to learn of her success and the way she chose to live her life. Her story is one that we should all know, to remind us that a positive attitude, work ethic and kindness should be our defaults, and with those in your corner you can accomplish and overcome just about anything. Thanks Michelle, not only for bringing my memory back to Q-town but for reminding me about what is important in life.” Tina A. 

“I was one of the lucky boys that grew up with Michelle. She was not only a fantastic athlete but a great friend to me. She fails to mention that she was more talented on the baseball field than most of the boys. I lived across the street from Michelle and her family, she was not only one of my best friends but the little sister I never had. Her talent on the baseball field or softball field can never match her passion for life and family. Michelle is truly a wonderful woman. I have seen her train with passion and love for the game that has given back to her and now she gives back to it. Way to go Michelle at never giving up on yourself and your dreams. This book will not only inspire young women and girls but people of all ages. As a friend of yours I could not be much prouder of you than the day you hit your first home run off the boys.” Dana P.

“Thank you for doing what you are with the many experiences and blessings you have had in your life. Although your history and mission is primarily focused around athletics, your message could so easily be applied to anything a person wishes to do, have, be. You personify the quote, “Be the Change.” I hope you don’t mind me sharing with you how your story has impacted my own life…because I’m about to…

In 2012 I realized I was going to be thirty-three years old soon and that if I wanted my children to be healthy, productive, happy individuals I myself needed to be the same so I decided to conquer my biggest weakness. Cardio. I made it my goal to run a 10K by my 35th birthday. After a couple months of training for that I began to love what I was doing. However, I found out I was pregnant with my third son a week before my 33rd birthday and my training was put on hold. Then, when my son was 6 weeks old I was in a car accident which did significant damage to my back. Despite extensive treatment I recently found out that the damage has become quite substantial and I will not only need a fusion, but I can never run again. My heart was broken. The first real goal I had made towards improving my physical fitness had been forever stolen from me because somebody didn’t want to wait to send a text. The depression and defeat I felt at that news made me question other goals I had set. But as I’ve read your book I have realized that goals change, new opportunities come, and as long as I have the confidence to pursue a new goal, the only person that can stop me, is me. That the only real limitations I have are the ones I set for myself. Thank you.” Amber B.