Passion and Purpose




This is me (Michelle Delloso) with my beloved parents at my high school graduation (Quakertown High School class of 1987). I was a multi-sport athlete with dreams of playing softball in college and competing in the Women’s Softball College World Series (i.e., against the best). Despite being a pretty good athlete, I had no scholarship offers on this day (other than a community college) and no money for college. I thought I wanted to be out West, where I was told the best play, and they were the only teams I saw on television. I was confident that I was as good as those girls.

Since nobody came calling, I kept working hard and believing in myself. I was inspired, motivated, and confident, because I was doing what I love to do. I realized that it didn’t matter where I ended up, because I knew as long as I was doing what I love (sports), I would be happy. In this picture, my parents were so proud of me, because they knew I was already setting the foundation for my future by being exactly who I am.

Since I was co-class president, I was asked to address the crowd that night, and my message that night is still my message today:

“Believe in yourself and never stop dreaming. Work hard and good things will happen to you…”

I had no idea where I was going to college on that night, but I was working hard every day, every night, and every moment on my dream, and I knew one day, the right door would open for me. I needed to trust my path and my heart, and I needed to be patient.

Let’s speed up this story…

Two years later, I am waking up at the 1989 Women’s Softball College World Series, playing for the University of South Carolina against UCLA in Sunnyvale, CA and was just named first team All-American, which means I am the best second baseman in the country.

The point of this story is that we are all Go Girls, we all need doors opened, and we need to trust that someone is looking out for us. We also need an organization (a sort of female athlete sorority), where we all belong, where we can help each other, and where we can believe that anything is possible. I went on to achieve all of my dreams and earn my degree, which enabled me to build a career in sport.

I am forever grateful for the way my parents raised me and how my father instilled in me that one must work for everything; there are no shortcuts and no guarantees. I am better for it, and it has made the moments in my life that much sweeter.

This next chapter is about a continued pursuit of helping others achieve their dreams by inspiring them and building opportunities through sport that are not such a shot in the dark scenario, like my opportunity was.

I am a Go Girl, and I am inspired, motivated, and confident because of sports and athletics.

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